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than advancing the countrys overall scientific and engineering expertise, which potentially included dual-use research and development, according to the former Minister of Military Industrialization. MI-8 helicopters were used during

the Iran-Iraq war to drop chemical munitions, according to an Iraqi helicopter pilot. Saddam felt that any country that had the technological ability to develop WMD had an intrinsic right to. He also met frequently with key technocrats, such as in the Minister of Military Industrialization, who oversaw MIC. In contrast, limited evidence suggests that after 1991 Saddam attempted to detach himself from the minutiae of working with the. Also directly reporting to him were the Republican Guard (RG Special Republican Guard (SRG Fedayeen Saddam, the four intelligence agencies, the Military Industrialization Commission (MIC)a and the Al Quds Army. In addition, MIC had greater flexibility in adapting civilian technology to military use. Saddam was the Regime in a strategic sense and his intent became Iraqs strategic policy. Analysts also used working groups to study themes and trendssuch as intelligence and security service activity, weaponization, dual-use/break-out capabilities and timeline analysisthat cut across ISGs functional teams, as well as to pool efforts to debrief members of the core leadership. The Security Council, however, created three panels on under the direction of Brazilian Ambassador Celso.N. Massive funds were allocated to develop infrastructure, equipment, scientific talent, and research. M17 used a number of techniques including signals intelligence collection from fixed sites and mobile platforms, the bugging of hotel rooms, and eavesdropping on inspector conversations. For example, according to Taha Yasin Ramadan, he, the RCC and the Higher Committee assumed responsibility for embarrassments such as acquiescence to UN intrusions and agreeing to U2 flights.

In general, saddam verbally calendar referred matters for consideration to the Quartet. The Quartet might consider WMDrelated topics such as unscom cooperation. He said, he rose to Minister of Industry and Military Industrialization mimi in 1988 after acquiring the Ministries of Heavy Industry and Light Industry as well as exerting control over the Ministry of Petroleum.

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Iraqs Use of CW in 1991 Against Internal Unrest The former Regime also saw chemical how long do girls involved in sex trafficking usually last weapons as a how long do girls involved in sex trafficking usually last tool to control domestic unrest. Saddam had shown a detailed, any documents referring to the Scientific Directorate. According to the former Al Quds Forces ChiefofStaff.


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WMD was never part of the military plan crafted to defeat the 2003 Coalition invasion.If WMD existed, Saddam may have opted not to use it for larger strategic or political reasons, because he did not think Coalition military action would unseat him.Iraqs nuclear program, however, was separate from MICs institutional framework through much of its history.