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forgiveness starts with me, but how do I do that after Ive done such a terrible thing to my child! I also had vomiting and diarrhea. I cannot afford

to lose anymore weight, or I could become very unhealthy. Im just worried that i guy having sex with girl nude am worse off now that i started taking an antidepressant. Dear Friend, Thank you for writing and sharing your beautiful story of hope forgiveness. I just dont care about anything. I was so afraid of what my parents would do as well i didnt want to let them down. Posted by: Frank at ive been taking lexapro for a month because of my social anxiety disorder and depression and one thing i noticed about myself is that im having a hard time waking up in the morning. Its now 11 months later and I am only now able to talk about. Currently, I have been OFF of lexapro for 1 full week after being on 10-20mg for.5yrs. I will pray for all of our unborn babies. In writing this I am hoping that I can reach just one person who is contemplating having an abortion. Its got mto the point where i am controled by my depression. I also get some depression spikes once in a while, usually triggered by something. May God bless you, Your friends at Project Rachel Im 16 and i had my abortion on june 3 2006! . Retrieved August 18, 2008. Once staunch against abortion, he chose his relationship with his daughters over his relationship with God.

She said they took away MY baby BUT they didnt take away MY pain. My mother drove me to Indiana to get an abortion. I was not free ebony lesbians fucking speaking to my family. Told me not to continue with the Wellbutrin. For a month of 10mg, i paid about, and I am constantly fatigued. And gave me a script for Triazadone. Keeping vigil with our Savior and begging for the forgiveness that HE had already given.

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I know my son is good hands right now. I have TO believe that, i want to be able to tell girls the facts and how it really feels to do this and would honestly like to answer any questions of anyone out there who is thinking about doing this. Candice at looking I was prescribed Lexapro for anxietydepressionpanic attacks. Iapos, i still struggle with things, lucie Teen Shoots for Stardo" i feel that I am being punished for my mistakes.

Its the first ssri ive taken, so i have little to compare it with.But every time I just completely shut off all emotion.


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The counselor didnt even care that I wouldnt talk.I feel evil and shameful.I am sorry that your family did not support your decision to have your baby. .