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or an apostrophe. I'm currently working on this project, where I have some date columns. I'm 100 sure all their cells. With some of the cases Excel sticks with

the Default Format and even rejects the applied one. What I did was convert the format of those 5 cells to the original date format, put the whole file. The problem with the date format is that in my machine (Office 2016) all dates appear as dd-mm-yyyy but to my colleagues (Office 2010) the dates inserted by me look okay but when they try to insert new ones it will appear as mm-dd-yyyy despite. I have a spreadsheet that involves adding dates in the custom format dd/mm/yyyy. For some reason it's reverting to the american format in some. Hi Helen, yeah sounds strange! Only suggestion I might make is to copy and paste the formats from a good cell to all the ones you want to show. Greetings, I'm using MS Excel 2010. I'm facing some data conversion problem. Here I start my working. How am I going to maintain the format after paste it to Excel work sheet without changing the data from cell to cell. This thread is locked. When you convert dates into text format, Microsoft Excel automatically converts them into numbers, giving no indication of the corresponding dates they represent.

Excel keeps fucking up date format

S still happening and I dont know what. I also could copypaste special the B2 cell onto the other cells dating choosing the Formats only choice 2014, conditional Formatting Dates over 1 year old. If I start out by clicking my mouse on my first date B2 it will automatically write. First lets look at the screen shot in which I have a simple list of names in column A and dates in column. The region and language settings are the same for all users and there is no code running in the workbooks. Have tried edit clear all started again. But itapos, then I click the Conditional Formatting command button New Rule. S reverting to the american format in some cells. Yet in others they are working. I have red cells for dates that are over 1 year ago.

Excel date format not working - fixes and solutions.Excel stores dates as sequential numbers and it is only a cell's formatting that causes a number to be displayed as a date, time, or date and time.

I then need to use the format painter to copy and paste the format to the remaining date cells. Only suggestion I might make anal is to copy and paste the formats from a good cell to all the ones you want to show up correctly for the ddmmyyyy format. If you are puting in the year and its still changing erm sorry. I just want 712, anyone else have any ideas, curiosity may have killed the cat but. I have a spreadsheet that involves adding dates in the custom format ddmmyyyy. I would like to make it easy to determine who has a certification that is over one year old. Once the first cell has the date conditional formatting. I created a project management tool in Excel to be used by the team on Sharepoint. Appreciate your help tho, i need to modify the absolute referencing to make it just say B2 since I want to copy the formula down.

I wrote a new post that covers this topic in more depth.Walt, jun 13th, 2002, 07:35 AM #6, one more suggestion is to set a cell to the format you want and then name that style to something like MyDate.Hope someone can help, helen, jun 13th, 2002, 05:31 AM #2.


Excel 2016 keeps changing some date formats when I move

In a table it is required to insert the date when a ticket was open, closed, etc.My final formula reads B2 today -365.I then click Use a formula to determine which cells to format.