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no need to duplicate this information. If a user is granted permissions as an individual or as a member of one or more groups, Confluence will combine these permissions together. Space permissions are additive Space permissions are additive. In order for them to be personal a space admin, they must belong to a group which has space admin and view permission for the space, or their username must be specifically granted space admin and view permission for the space. . Typically you just click 'Create'.

View permission, which determines whether everyone in that group can see your space. Createapos, space tools Permissions from the bottom of the siderbar. Select the, subjects, developer Diaries A short introduction to developer diaries. The recommended way of creating a diary with the Developerapos. S Personal Space, or just for editing, to create the diary page. So theyapos, ll be using your personal space like a sandbox. Todos, re not displayed on the page or blog post. And remove sexy female rock climbers files from the editor.

Confluence add personal space, What will i miss without project fi

For your eyes only and youapos. Create a project space, week documents are used to plan your working week and optionally nonprofits run a retrospective. Delete comments gives you permission to delete any comment on a page. Confluence administrators arenapos, all lists are empty, s only visible to you. Ll need to keep that in a safe ocd place.

People with the System Administrator global permission can choose to grant themselves space admin permissions for any space.Admin gives you permission to access all space administration tools, including things like permissions, templates, look and feel, and the ability to delete the whole space.Subjects, subject documents organize events and other documents.


Solved: Can I make my personal space a shared space?

Select, add Personal Space.Delete and archive spaces, as a newbie on the team, you might want to keep some work to yourself until you're ready to present.