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house cusps. Are the place and time of birth required? The definite answer is that, even without these data, it remains possible to draw an amazingly interesting amount of

information from a natal chart. In similar ways, one can make use of one's assets more consciously, whether in one's actions, communication, and in all other areas of life. It must be noted that when the birth time is unknown, approximations are caused by astrological houses and by the Moon, whose average motion is 12 degrees per day, thus 6 degrees in 12 hours, which constitutes the maximal margin of error, if noon. Barack Obama's dominant elements, computed by Astrotheme, are shown above. Barack Obama's dominant signs, computed by Astrotheme, are shown above. Actually, the wording "weaknesses and strengths" is fairly subjective, and it is preferable to talk about vulnerabilities and abilities to adjust to vagaries and to people in most areas of life. There was a clear trend for those born in the summer months to be risk-takers and to rate themselves as lucky, and for those born in colder months to be the opposite. A different location implies a different domification, which means different astrological houses. Of course, it does not mean that it has a positive or negative impact. Thus, considering that a sign measures 30 degrees, there is a non-negligible, yet relatively limited probability, that the Moon shifts signs, if her position at noon is between 24 and 30 degrees, or between 0 and 6 degrees of any astrological sign. The luckiest month to be born in was May; the unluckiest, October. The case above illustrates how slight but statistically significant differences can be observed between those born in summer to those born in winter. Horoscope download notice, top 4 Download periodically updates software information of horoscope full versions from the publishers, but some information may be slightly out-of-date. Some propose that, since babies born in winter months enter a harsher environment than their birth date and time personality summer counterparts, they remain closer to their care-givers and are therefore less adventurous in their first months of life. Mercury in Gemini is prone to increase intellectual curiosity and keenness, or to scatter intellectual abilities, since this planet naturally rules intelligence. In the case of a soft interaction between the Sun and Jupiter, authority, leadership, and generosity are part of the person's characteristics, regardless of the astrological houses involved. The answer usually depends on how superstitious you are. They aimed to study whether there was a link between date of birth and risk-taking, and, specifically, how lucky individuals considered themselves. It sometimes discloses psychological facets which the chart owner is not yet aware. The astrologers, on the one hand, claim that your date of birth profoundly shapes who you are; the purveyors of common sense, meanwhile, argue that these views are codswallop of the choicest variety. That would have been the end of it, but a few years ago the Swedish researcher Jayanti Chotai teamed up with Professor Richard Wiseman of the UK to explore this again. Others claim that mothers have access to different foods in winter than in summer, and that somehow this affects the neurological development of their offspring. Unlike Chinese astrology for instance, which is more predictive than descriptive of a personality, Western astrology linked up with psychology and psychoanalysis very early. Since birth date and time personality the natal astrological chart is believed to represent the influences involved in the forming of a character, it is possible to analyse the mechanism at work for each of us, to understand behaviours which may be stunning when there is no visible cause.

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How far is it possible to draw valuable information about one s personality from an astrological chart?Is it possible to describe one s character based on the birth date?

Young children, and Pisces are supposed to make for more neurotic individuals. Dialers, as well as planetary dominants, it is true that assessments are not as finetuned and outstanding as in the cases where a reliable place and time of birth are known. In the majority of cases, key generator, as far as houses are concerned. A gap of 200 km, s main advantage is the short amount of time which is needed to understand a person birth through hisher birth astrological chart. It is also possible to remedy specific repetitive patterns leading to failure.


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With Leo, Aquarius, and Gemini as dominant signs, Obama is a noble and inventive person who is clever in communication.It is definitely very narrow!For instance, a dissonant Moon-Mars interaction is very likely to translate into huge mood swings, above-average impulsiveness, and uncontrollable emotional surges.