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tongue thats still inside. I hear his own bleating then could feel his own penis began to harden and stiffen which sent me into overdrive and pounded on that

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Embed period iframe widt" i was being raped by free our goat. I think it was because of me being so loose that he was able to drive in even farther this time. Share Start from current time, it felt so damn good against my ass and apparently it felt good for him when another spasm came and he bleated.

I scream as my own orgasm came about and pushed into him as he locked himself inside me and shot off another hot load.He does it by accident, his horns are so long that theyll get caught on it, and when he feels the vibration will panic and bolt ripping it right off.


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He instantly starts pounding into my pussy, ramming in and out very quickly, each hard shove sends a hot stabbing pain through my insides, but the pain subsides and cools some when his thin shaft of a penis pulls out, the rubbing sensation against.He didnt stop with his licking either, so I kept on going, kept on pumping into his wiggling tongue and slamming my fingers across my entire clit before driving into my pussy and pulling them out then repeating the process.But that pain was enough for me to scream in total ecstasy and fall forward in an orgasm, my own juices flowing from my fingers and dripping to the dirt.