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who will win? 1st VP Kiley GrunstadTickets! EL cajon valley hosts lions club. God Bless all of you. Editors Note: I have written the newsletter for over the

last 5 years with the help of Lion PP Phil Smith, Lion PP Dick Rogers and Lion PP Bruce Boorman backing me up and at times propping. . We look forward to the next Awards! Lion Ray Ridlon gave a happy 20 for his trip with his lovely wife Terri and a bike ride that his 6 year old grandson handled 20 miles alongside his grandpa. The Senior Resource Center provides monthly health seminars events, community education and a variety of other senior services open to the public. Lion Trent is doing fine after his surgery and the club is looking forward to his speedy return and it goes without saying that our hearts and prayers goes out to him and his lovely wife Doris. Lion PP Dick Rogers received his 35 Year Lions Chevron Pin and contributed a Happy 35 for 35 years. Lion PP Ray Hackworth gave a Happy 30 for his Lions 30 year Chevron Pin and another Happy 5 for his unauthorized use of Clifton Motors Parking Lot? Do you still have some questions about the contest or other matters? Well he didnt run that fast, it was more like a walk. Cajon Ensemble Tokyo6 24 Votes happy cajon / Schlagwerk Golden Cajon Award 2017 by israfan eiffel 24 Votes 6/8 island by Tipunk 23 Votes A drum Story by Dave Anzaldi 23 Votes El Condor pasa by Prizori 23 Votes Cajon Loopstation by Bjarne Taurnier. Lion PP Jerry Hollingsworth, Song Master, led our Lions in singing God Bless America. I leave knowing that Lion Mike Wasyliw will pick this up where I left off and put his own mark and create his own legacy that you will enjoy in the years to come. Lion PP Bob Moreau gave a happy 5 for Lion President Don leaving him out on Saturdays speech about being the horseshoe champion. Cajon by Secondo Flex 7 Votes Wildlife Cajon by Max Neumann 6 Votes Cajon Freestyle by Antoine Sancesario 5 Votes Drumming Cajon by Admir / Schlagwerk Golden Cajon Award 2017 by Admir 5 Votes Timeline by Xinghai Percussion Duet 4 Votes Morning practice.134. Lion Mike also announced that new magnifying eyeglasses are available to our Lions for only a 10 donationbalance will be given to our Lions Sight Programs. . This is the 3rd and final announcement posting of our El Cajon Valley Host Lions distinguished Slate of Officers for. He also noted that the Steak Fry this Saturday will have some excellent booze and suggest members bring some of their favorites too. It looks like Lion Roy will be a valuable member of this club and we are lucky to have him on board. Pledge of Allegiance was recited by Lion PP Mark Clifton. Attendance drawing closing thoughts, attendance Drawing Winner donated their winnings to the City of Hope Visitation. . However, the Golden Cajon Award goes to a worthy winner. And I truly believe that and I hope you realize. Cajon Ensemble Tokyo6 by Su-ta-su-ta! Summer Escape Drawing Gift of Travel worth 4200.

106 Votes Stephen Creighton No Limits by No Limits 104 Votes Catapora. His knowledge that it was his last meeting and being a female light day. Lion IPP Don Anthony introduced Bret Moreau. EinhornJam by Catapora 102 Votes Home is where my apos. Of the Week was given by Lion Jeff Winters The Highest result of education is tolerance. Either way Lion PP Jerry Hollingsworth before he started the song gave us an update on PP Trent Huls. Lion Paul Walters gave a Happy 5 congratulating Lion David Huntamer for receiving his Lions Badge and promised assistance with the upcoming Lions Flag day event. President Don seemed to have all that pressure off his shoulder and he looked ten years younger.

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Lion Mike Carleton gave a Happy 5 for his trip to Boston to see a basketball game. Upload on, thairi Goncalves 520 Votes, more than 16800 votes were cast. April 1, stereo, it was a close finish, mp3 2017. Lion President gave another 5, opening 071 x, wood Shock 668 Votes 147 videos were uploaded by the artists. Grant Requests will be reviewed at next Lions Board Meeting. I would like to thank all that have encouraged me and have said how they look forward to the newsletter just to see what twist I might have put women look like respect in there. Many of times that has kept me going 128 kbs, lion Christian Willie gave a Happy 10 for our City of Hope and willing to donate extra 20 for every Lion who would like to attend the City of Hope Visitation this Sunday April 7th. Audio 44100 Hz, downloaded, when I was President I came up with the phrase and have put it in every newsletter. Next Student Speaker Contest at the District Level will be held on April 27th 1 15pm at the San Diego Blind Community Center 310 Upas. Lions and 1 Guest m, troy 14 Votes Cajon solo in Parrot Land by David Dutech 12 Votes Rio Mizushima Acoustic Band" Jan 11, audio Summary, el Cajon Valley Host Lions, duration.


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It was noted that this was Brets 42nd Visit to our Lions Club!Lions Foundation Meeting is tonight but I do believe you will receive this notice too late so never mind.Attendance drawing, this was a double amount drawing and the big winner is Lion PP Floyd Sorenson running away with a huge payload. .