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have the slightest chance to be identified with any people who are perceived as 'better' than Africans, then they they may gladly accept it, and the Arabs. Is there

a place on earth where everyone looks the same and indulges in the same behavioural practices (culture)? I feel indian women looking for love like I represent all black Americans but I don't want to, because I am not all black Americans. The separation of the north from the South is what has brought division and hostility among the people of the same family. Dalila, USA Europe has many African and other people. What am I to say to my neighbour who is black Moroccan? It is not a human choice. Are they not people of African descent then? Just because people from the North have a lighter skin tone doesn't mean they are less African. Teddy Albert Bandima, Saskatoon, Canada Asking this question pre-supposes a stereotype that Africa is mainly undeveloped and black. I have never heard any one online sbi net banking personal suggest that Canadians are not Americans. By this statement, the writer dismisses the existence of the Berbers. No matter where in the world I went I am sure the experience of being a minority would be the same, which is interesting that I still feel like a minority in Africa even though I am black. I talk to people. Ahmed, UK, the question is who decides what an African is? Let's not forget the dreams of Garvey, Nkrumah etc about one Africa. The Arabs are generally a lot less racist than Europeans, as Islam does not promote a white God, as Christianity does. Most of the north African students didn't want to be called African. Aaron faced a situation a lot of African Americans deal with when serving abroad. Myanmar to Chile and everywhere in between for her project, the Atlas of Beauty. That doesn't make anyone more or less African than the other. So why will anybody claim to be an original African simply because he is 'Black' and he belongs to the sub-Saharan region? Often it is only geography that dictates that nations of people belonging to such a heterogeneous continent be placed under one heading, African John Mallia, Malta It is interesting to see this topic as I am currently reading material which has already addressed this issue. Everyone who has read history of Africa will be aware that these people migrated from Middle East and came to Africa as traders, both in North Africa and East Africa.

Race relations can be challenging in any part of the world. Libya, morocco, in recent times the Western media has furthered this process in their classification of the region as Middle East. Eastern or western, my ancestors have lived and worked in Africa for at least ten generations. EgyptUSA Countries like Egypt, which is our tribulation, fikry Salib. Is what makes one respected, i see division and conflict inside each of the regions more than the divison between legit hookup dating sites the north and south. Black Africa, black or Arab, and Tunisia are African by geography but Arabian by culture. What one identifies with the most. The Arabs are not African in the sense that the Berbers are. The basic thing is economic survival.

Why dont we think of north Africa as part of Africa?Iman Amrani Im Algerian but sometimes it seems that black African is the only category that exists.

What do women of north africa look like

mask That is all, arabs, my position is that the North African people have cultural responsibility to their Middle Eastern brethren. Maxwell Eyram Afari, zambia Letapos, for example when an Egyptian says he or she is not African they are merely reacting against the negative media association of poverty and degradation with southern Africans. quot; though they may assign the phrase Northern Africans to themselves. Man people from Kabyle region Berber region have been killed in Algeria because of their" S not start partitioning Africa, and at the same time have geographical and environmental responsibility to Africa. Which is itself an incorrect geographic designation for part. Amine, i firmly believe north Africa is as African as the rest of the continent. I wish Africans would listen for once to what Massinissa. Kakzivondo Zakolo, the OAU for well over two family decades over the issue of Western Sahara or shall i say. Ghanaian in Brazil No part of Africa belongs to anybody.

What do we include and exclude in or from the category "African"?Why does it always have to be about Africa?


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Mohamed, Midar, London (Morocco imazighen (Berbers and Tuaregs) of Africa have maintained a distinct African culture from prehistoric times to the present-day.Every African culture is unique and one is not inferior or superior to the other.