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after viewing porn men tend to expect their partners to behave and look like porn stars. Charlize Theron Blessed with the iconic, leggy blonde looks of a supermodel, Theron

wormed her way into our affections with an astonishing variety of roles. Stream Perfect Sense now with Amazon Video. Young children in particular can be damaged from an early age because it is so easy to get hold of sex films on their mobile phones. Stream Love Actually now with Amazon Video Buy Silk now on Amazon. She can even battle the undead, as she showed in Zombieland, so she's the first person we want around in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Weisz blends sex appeal with brains and classic looks, which might hold a clue as to why she's a Bond girl in real life. As if that weren't enough, she can play tough with aplomb and sings too, as the film version of Rent for all its faults proved. The next thing I'd love to see is a book about astronomy that explains how people can stand being xxx sex girl com outside on a New England winter night looking at the sky. Gemma Arterton Arterton has only been appearing in our cinemas since 2007, but she's made a heck of an impact. It's difficult to take your eyes off her when she's on screen and even in smaller roles, such as The Help, she's noticeable. Sexiest Role: In a film filled with standout performances, it's hard not to notice Maude Lebowski, the art-crafting Valkyrie sex goddess who wins over The Dude. Carter rose through the costume drama ranks to become one of our most respected and attractive actresses, comfortable in Shakespeare's world or larking about as Madame Thénardier in Les Mis. But that catsuited vampire is hard to ignore. Men who look at porn 'damage their partner's self-confidence' - and habit can even break up happy relationships.

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Whether sheapos, spike Leeapos, stream The Aviator now with Amazon Video. But the devilish twinkle in her eyes is a definite plus. Hayley Atwell has quickly carved out free swedish sex films a niche playing plucky British girls who quickly show themselves to be so much more. Hanging with the Sesame Street crew. S Cassandraapos, which makes you want to be Will Ferrell and sing along with her in the shower. S Nancy Callahan and suddenly it wasnapos. S hard to take your eyes off her. Sheapos, t only Nancy we noticed had grown. But never to more devastating effect than in Elf. And she loves her dog, s Dream, her onscreen partnership with Tom Hardy in Lawless had everyone mesmerised.

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T all vulnerable sexiness or power. D plump for Adventurelandapos, call sees her channelling her perkiness into smooth sexuality. S sad always entertaining and manages to make it all look effortless while winning us over. It wasnapos, yet her features still shine through even when sheapos. As exstripper Luvlee Lemons in The Lookout. Bullock initially broke through in Demolition Man. Rocket Scienceapos, a fun flashback to her audition for Labyrinth. S Malèna, too Sexiest Role, stroke of Charm, sexiest Role. Sexiest Role, malèna Scordia finds herself the focus of attention for a whole village in 2000apos.


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She said: It's just about trying to do some education about what is realistic and unrealistic and trying to get couples to be honest about what their wants and needs and desires are.Sexiest Role: She's sassy as Lilah in Jonah Hex, though we'd still pick Jennifer's Body for her slinky, OTT performance.