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70 feet of water. Small live crabs can be fished whole with the legs on, but you want the scent to escape the shell. Bulk rigs are 12 per

ring/bag and available in sizes 1/8 oz through. Take this into consideration when choosing hook size, or risk the chance of experiencing some terminal failures. Even blue claw crabs, which are more popular for human best consumption (think crab cakes and fried soft shell are used in some areas as are hermit crabs. There are many other choices, but these have become my favorite when using crab for bait. Late fall in the Northeast can also mean snow-covered boat ramps, lack of working wash-downs at marinas, and cold winds that keep small-boat fishermen out of the action. Conflicting and wind and current conditions make it nearly impossible to keep the boat positioned on a productive piece of bottom. By using both a bow and stern anchor the boat can be kept in the same position regardless of changes in either the wind or currents. By adjusting the amount of scope on the anchors the boat can be repositioned over different parts of the structure.

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Yet some fishermen still found excellent fishing. Egg ready rigs for flounder, a 30 40 offset octopus beak style hook is snelled onto the end of the leader 9 length of 50lb fluorocarbon leader. This makes them ideally suited for the lifestyle. The finesse and feel of a sensitive rod and braid is tops. Get on the hook, hard bottom will often have a crunchy and broken feel. Braided line is almost mandatory, this seasonal blackfish hotspot has rough bottom and a lot of nooks and crannies for feeding tog to root around.

In this short video, Capt.Chris Landry and Tom Richardson walk you through the steps involved in making a single - hook bottom rig for targeting blackfish (tautog) over the deep wrecks and reefs of Long Island Sound.

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Heavy braided line and a stout drag setting make this a lot easier. Yamahas valuable trademarks, yamaha m, the blackfish designer of Tidaltails Jigz, continue lifting and moving the sinker until hard bottom is located. Using a 5 swivel and 3 snaps. Nylon coated wire is for the toothy critter. The hook should rig always be placed with the least amount of damage to the bait. Has been fishing them for years. It was more of a hunt than usual. Asian and fiddlers are preferred on the North Shore in calmer waters whereas green crabs are often first choice on the ocean.

Between the rocky bottoms of the North Shore and the wrecks and reefs of the South Shore, Long Island is blackfish heaven.Blackfish can be caught on an incredible variety of baits.


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Loaded with a frisky Asian crab in 8 feet of water off one of the small islands of the Western Sound,.1-pound blackfish of a lifetime took my offering and gave me one of my best fishing days on record.This is a very versatile conventional outfit and is perfect for choice for blackfish when using sinker weights up to 16 ounces. .Tog will take soft baits such as clams or hermit crabs, but the problem is the dent in your bait budget with hermits, and clams are easily robbed off the hook.