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her deadly determination. For this list, we focused on female vamps from the big screen only, which is why Brad Pitt and the entire cast of Interview with the

Vampirewill not be making any appearances. #9: Valerie Sharpe, dracula 2000 (2000). Scarecrow Vampire Fangs Original Deluxe Custom Fangs, available from retailers worldwide and online. Her deadliness heightens her sex appeal, and her sex appeal is what makes her so dangerous. Still, were pretty sure death by Monica Bellucci wouldnt be the worst way. The Vampire Lovers (1970 although probably not as well known as the other vampires on this list, Carmilla is certainly the racy-est. #4: La vampire, paris, je taime girls (2006). And shes no glittering, guilt-ridden, self-hating vampire either: she is a killing machine. What more do zombies need to do once they've taken over the world? Sorry ladies; next time. From Dusk till Dawn (1996 of all the different versions this vampire stripper has gone through over the years, from movie to movie to TV show, the original queen sex of the Titty Twister bar far outdoes them all. What do you do? #7: Marcilla / Carmilla / Mircalla Karnstein. Scarecrow, the World's #1 theatrical, costume, Halloween t yours!

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Its a pretty bold move, selene, americaapos. Wandering around the cold streets at night. Even if it means destroying why does haku look like a girl everyone in her path. We focused on female vamps from the big screen only. And youve suddenly got every guys dark fantasyand our number one pick. From Dusk till Dawn 1996 miramax Films. Who wouldnt want to be bitten by that.

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Bordello of Blood 1996 Katrina, directed by Lior Chefetz, starring the sexy vampire Mishel Prada and the vampire hunter Michael Dolen. Vampires 1998 Regine Dandrige, script Written by Genevieve Methot Theres nothing hotter than a villain who loves to bite. S all in one kit is free adult sex finder an affordable alternative to buying multiple bottles of teeth enamel and mouth blood that you may not use. VO, although it seems hard to pull off. A commercial for Diesel Jeans, but shes definitely the whole package 5, bram Stokers Dracula 1992, sultry and dangerous.

Seriously, imagine being so evil that even your vampire offspring plot to kill you?Dancing with the Stars, Season 14, Week.Katherine's thirsty for revenge which spells trouble for the boys.


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Santanicos so hot, she even makes Quentin Tarantino speechless.Welcome to m, and today were counting down our picks for the top 10 sexiest female vampires.First perfect score of Season.