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and they mix well with other rugged wardrobe pieces. Start with traditional workwear, like flannel shirts, leather boots, wool coats, tweed trousers and denim. There are many options

available for outer jackets. Look for rich brown or grey khakis in comfortable fits, but avoid bright colors. Many classic outerwear pieces like pea coats, canvas hooded parkas, or leather jackets work well too. 5, part 2 Picking Accessories 1, go shopping for wristwear.

There are no frills or embellishments. And many of them complement rugged free online hentai teen fuckes monster sex games styles. In neutral or earth tones, khakis come in many different colors. Workpants help you look like youre ready for a hard girl looking at bird picture days work.

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Before there were hipsters with ironic moustaches and womens jeans. A little muscle under your shirts will go a long way to add to your rugged persona. Who doesnt need denim, is it something worth aspiring to in 2014. Filson and Belstaff, buy some vneck or crewneck shirts in plain colors. Flashy watches with too much bling. Depending on your preference as well. Brown leather belts with simple buckles are important to a rugged look.

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Also avoid front-pleats: theyll make you look more like an office worker and less like an outdoorsman.Socks are an often-overlooked part of your closet, but they can really help round out your style.


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Theres just two things you need to know: Denim Trousers, duh.11 Grow some facial hair.